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Ogma is the AI business-rule generator helping you analyze complex data and get useful solutions to your business problems
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our mission
We bring you the power of AI, with none of the nonsense.
Fast, accurate and interpretable results saving time and money for users.
our use cases

Finance & Insurance

Risk assessment

Analyse trading data to identify key performance indicators and risk drivers. Gain a superior understanding of even the most complex market patterns and improve outcomes.

Insurance premium change

Evaluate the impact of changes to insurance premiums on various customer groups, preserving underwriting and avoiding churn. Track the evolution of Expected Loss Ratios and overall profitability of change.

Insurance claims analysis

Cross-reference insurance claims, customer data and all other relevant information to identify behaviour patterns and flag fraudulent claims.

Industrial Sector

Predictive maintenance

Leverage production line data to identify and anticipate service interruptions. Avoid breakdowns, cut maintenance costs, increase production uptime and maximize quality with a single tool.

Process optimization

Cross reference industrial inputs and production conditions data to perfect industrial processes. Reduce input waste, maximize product quality and improve production time.

Yield maximization

Identify key factors relative to input quality and production conditions. Fine tune industrial processes to ensure maximum production yield and increased margins.

Retail & B2C

Churn prescription

Leverage customer and transaction data to easily spot customer segments with high churn rates and identify root causes. Quickly identify precise actions to mitigate churn based on solid data.

Customer segmentation

Identify customer segments, assess their value metrics (AOV, CLV), sensitivity to triggers, and affinities with your products. Get the best customer knowledge in the market.

Web analytics and AB testing

Use navigation data to assess customer behaviour in your purchasing funnel. Streamline your AB testing by testing several changes simultaneously and drastically improve your web conversion rates.

Data science & Modeling

Feature exploration and creation

Explore your datasets and identify the key features and feature groups most impactful to your targets. Create new variables by mixing categorical and numerical data and make feature engineering fast and easy.

Model interpretation

Dive deeper into the inputs and outputs of your machine learning model to optimize the value it delivers. Provide your teams the key insights required to interpret and leverage your models more effectively.

Model performance

Enhance your data model’s operations and identify the causes of poor performance. Get precise insights on any flaws in the model to continuously improve the value your machine learning delivers.
Why use ogma?

Need fast insights to solve a complex business problem?

Our clients report that using Ogma cuts the time required to get insights from their data by 90%. Get fast solutions to critical business problems, exactly when you need them.

Lacking data teams to leverage your data?

Ogma does not require any data science expertise and can be used to its full potential by your business teams. Leverage the full power of advanced analytics without a single data scientist.

Having trouble execute on your AI model results?

Ogma is designed to ensure teams can always tailor their models and get easily interpretable and actionable results. No more cryptic outputs bringing no value to your business.


Any dataset can be uploaded, no preprocessing is needed
Multiple targets and variables of interest can be selected
Results show full database mapping and detailed analysis for each segment
our team
Raphael Selignan
Raphael leads Ogma and makes sure the company’s core focus is always to help our customers make informed business decisions
Zaher Mahdhi
Zaher is our big data and cloud computing expert, responsible for making Ogma’s technological magic happen
Mohamed Khalfallah
Mohamed created the algorithm which makes Ogma so powerful. He supports the team with all modeling challenges
Aimé Lachapelle, Ph.D.
CEO of Kaukana Ventures, Aimé brings several assets to the team including both scientific expertise and an impressive business network

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